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We provide services for businesses wanting to promote themselves digitally. If you need effective design and hand crafted code made with all the in the world, contact us today.

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All sites are expertly designed using state of the art software and industry best practice that have been finely honed over two decades.


It's hard to stand out from the crowd. Make your site pop with custom Illustration and graphics designed by hand and from scratch, just for your business.


Your site is no use if it can't be found. We will code your site and optimise it so it has the best possible chance of getting a high listing in all the major search engines. Sleep tight.

Social Media

Make your voice heard in the ever growing Social Media landscape. All our sites are fully loaded with all the tricks to give you the best presence across the most appropriate channels.

The M.O.T

Got a website already? Let us tell you how it can be better. For a flat flee we will run an extensive analysis of your site and explain how we can make it work more for you, on a no obligation basis.

Web Design

Your site, hand built using a powerful system we developed in house over a period of 8 years. 100% Organic. No templates or recycled stock files here.

Industry Leading Technology

Hash&Salt utilises the very best in industry leading software and processes that allow us to create fine websites that adhere to all modern standards for speed, accesability and best practices. Your in good hands.